Naturopathic Practitioners

Dr. Glen Bell, BSc, ND

Glen Bell attended The University of Western Ontario from 1992-1996, graduating with an Honours Bachelor of Science degree with distinction.  He then entered the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine in Toronto, Ontario and graduated in 2000.  Continuing to further his professional education, he has obtained his post-graduate board certification in Intravenous and Injection Therapies in 2002.  Glen chose to study in the field of naturopathic medicine due to his interest in nutrition, the impact of herbal medicine on the body and a desire to assist people with individualized care plans of treatment.  Through educating people on the benefits of a holistic lifestyle, Glen aims to take a proactive approach to health care - realizing the different/numerous modalities that make up the composition of each person.

Dr. Nicole Rush, ND

Nicole Rush completed her medical education at the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine in Toronto, Ontario.  She is also an Earth Shiatsu Therapist, with a diploma from Living Earth Shiatsu School in Toronto. 
Nicole was drawn into the field of Naturopathic Medicine by the realization that we all need a helping hand to navigate our busy and stressful lives.  The new "norm" of the modern world is to keep revving our own engines without stopping to think about what this is doing to our health in the long-term.  
In addition to private practice, Nicole has run corporate weight-loss seminars for 3M Canada as well as General Mills.  She co-founded the Whole Foods Detox with Candice Sheriff of Wholistic Hall in downtown London, Ontario.  Nicole also founded Forest City Community Acupuncture – a pay-what-you-can acupuncture clinic with the mandate to make alternative medicine financially accessible.

Dr. Jeremy Hayman, ND

Jeremy Hayman, . specializes in Naturopathic medicine; focusing on cancer care and immune health, intravenous and injection therapies, acupuncture, botanical and nutritional medicine.

Additional Practitioners

Domenic Massa, RMT, Craniosacral

Described as authentic, wise, passionate, and intuitive, Domenic Massa is sought after for his unique expertise as an advanced certified CranioSacral therapist (CST) and healer, with international clientele from countries such as Finland, Australia, the United States and from across Canada.
As a specialized therapist, Domenic has treated many hundreds of people over the past 10 years for conditions ranging from physical pain and traumas to varying degrees of migraines and headaches, from learning disabilities and attention deficit disorders to stress stemming from emotional, energetic, and spiritual imbalances or difficulties.
Please refer to Domenic's website for more information regarding the numerous services he offers

Jessica Dylinski, RMT

 Jessica Dylinski is a graduate from Medix College London Ontario, in 2013. Jessica meets every client’s needs in an attentive and caring way. Her approach to massage is holistic with special attention focused on the concerns of her client. She uses firm and fluid techniques in her massage to promote both a sense of relaxation while ensuring an effective approach to treatment. Jessica has helped to treat low back pain, headaches and migraines, pregnancy related discomforts, sports injuries, fibromyalgia, overuse injuries, arthritis, helped to decrease pain from stress and physical strain. She integrate techniques from traditional Swedish and Trigger Point therapy, deep tissue massage, joint mobilizations, manual lymph drainage and myofascial release to provide pain relief and promote improved health and wellbeing. 

Carol Earle, CBP

 Carol completed her formal training through the International BodyTalk Association in British Columbia in 2009 receiving her BodyTalk Practitioner’s designation in 2010 in Calgary, AB. Since then, she has been inspired to further her training to include BodyTalk for Animals, Holistic Life Coaching, and Reiki Master; while continuing to study advanced courses.
Carol focuses on the well being of her clients from a “holistic” approach, helping them achieve balance in emotional, physical, mental, spiritual and environmental concerns that the individual may have, in order to provide or refer them the best possible care. For further information visit her website at